Elements Perfumed Candles - Set of 4

Elements Perfumed Candles - Set of 4


A full set of Luxury Perfumed Candles created by Tessa Williams, to evoke the essences of the Elements.

  • Set of 4 x 220 ml candles

Each candle will transport you to a state of bliss and peacefulness with its enveloping warmth and aroma.

FIRE - Intoxicating fiery aroma that welcomes warmth and comfort, transporting you to an evening in front of the warmth of a glowing fire in a remote log cabin.. This sophisticated, warm, comforting woody amber fragrance releases notes of incense, precious woods combined with patchouli, vetivert, edible notes of coconut, sweet vanilla caramel, lapsang souchongintertwined with soft woods, musk, and tonka infused with hints of aromatic woody smoke. This fragrance will truly be your hearts burning desire.

EARTH - An intensifying aroma that evokes the desire to walk through wood trails, unspoilt beautiful landscapes and over forest land, allowing the feeling of being captivated by a mesmerizing earthy scent. A fragrance that starts with rich accords, where zesty top notes of lemon and orange rest alongside bold reviving blends of pepper and geranium, are intensified by a woody trail of patchouli sandalwood, leather followed by notes of cedar wood and vetiver bring this fragrance back to earth with sensual musks.

AIR - A serene refreshing, cool citrus and invigorating aroma that encourages the sense of freedom and peace, transporting you to a fresh tropical island. This mouth-watering, zingy fusion of crushed Jamaican ginger roots with sun drenched cochin lemongrass with a slice of grapefruit is harmonized by a sprinkling of cardamom and Russian coriander seeds is brought to a close with hints of freshly grated lemon peel.

WATER - An invigorating fragrance that is intensified by pure aquatic notes, of the illusion of being captured beneath a natural waterfall in the rain forest. This fresh aquatic accord is a blend of white jasmine with accents of citrus lemon, bergamot & aldehydes, followed by gentle floral notes supported by heart of lily of the valley supported by a background of musk this fragrance will surely transport you into your Element.

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